Weldex meets your needs while reducing cost and down time. What makes us different from our competitors? WE DO 99% of Service Work ON-sITE. 

Weldex provides services to meet your battery and charger related needs. We decrease downtime and expenses to your company by doing the work onsite. There will be no loss of time with transit. Work is done in our shop and we deliver it back to your shop.
Not only do you save time - but money too!
Delivery fee may apply.

Service - Free Battery Surveys

Free Battery Surveys

Our free battery survey allows us to get us a closer look at your complete fleet.

This survey will include:
Review all batteries and chargers
Chargers start and finish rate
Confirm chargers are matched up properly with batteries
Acquire information about the batteries and chargers
Questions such as:
How many shifts are you running?
Are they heavy loads?
Spill Containment?
Eyewash station?
What type of environment?
We can then compile a report.

We deliver recommendations that will improve your processes, efficiency, and battery life.

Battery & Charger Repair

A typical battery repair will include us coming on site, a load test will be done, and we will read the capacity of the battery.
Weldex can help you with:
Cell replacement
Cable replacement
Connector replacement
Contact replacement
Acid adjust battery

Why need an Acid Adjustment?
There are two ways to lose acid - Overcharged, boiled out or flipped and poured out.
In the first case, an overcharging occurs and acid is lost.
In the second case, the battery has been flipped upside down and the acid has come out.
When these occur you are not only losing the water but also the electrolytes, or acid.
When either of these happen, over time, an acid adjustment is required.


24/7 Emergency Support

24 hour emergency service means that we have trained technicians on call 24 hours a day to help out in emergencies, such as breakdowns and batteries falling off the truck.
This service is offered for existing or new clients with mission critical operations
Emergencies include:
Battery extractor system is broken
Acid Spills
Containment of Acid spills

Preventative Maintenance

PM is cleaning, checking for problems that need attention and reporting general condition of battery such as cables, connectors and watering systems that need attention this is not as in depth as an inspection. Regular PM of batteries keep them in good shape and helps with damaging buildup of dirt grease and corrosion that can cause problems if not addressed.

Weldex Battery Rental


For your convenience, we have a rental department. We offer batteries and chargers of various sizes to fit all your needs. They can be rented short term (one week) or long term (a year).


Lead-acid batteries are by far the most fully recycled of all consumer products. Recycling centers can recover more than 97 % of the lead and plastic in a lead-acid battery. Once those reclaimed materials reach a battery manufacturer, they can account for 60-80% of the lead and plastic in a “new” lead-acid battery.

Weldex will take care of all of your recycling needs. Just call us or email us and we will pick up your old spent batteries for recycling. We will provide complete documentation that they are recycled by an EPA approved smelter. Just fill out the form or contact us to take care all of your battery recycling needs.


Free Battery & Charger Training 

Training includes 5 battery hazards, safety practices and proper PPE for battery maintenance.

Our training includes how to water batteries, how to handle your equipment,how to clean your batteries and more. This informative session helps you make the most of your batteries.

Battery Room Design & Install

From a Partial Installation to a Complete Design and Installation of a new room, we deliver what you need in a Battery Room.
Options Include:
Recondition a Battery Room
Setup a Temporary Charging Area
Lay out a Charger in your Existing Battery Room
Create an Newly Designed Room
Dismantle and Existing room
Professionally Clean your Existing Battery Room
We bring exceptional experience and proficiency to
every scenario. Solutions can be created using high caliber elements such as custom CAD designs and Rustoleum®
acid resistant flooring.

Battery Wash

Environmental Solutions

Weldex provides innovative solutions to meet our clients needs. We solve the most complex problems from spill containments to acid resistant floors. From a standard clean up kit to a specially designed product just for your company - Weldex can make it happen!

Over the years we have developed many original products just to meet a specific clients needs. We also provide White Label products that can be privately billed to your company. We are ready to assist with your unique challenge.

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