Reserve Power

Weldex sells and supports most major Reserve Power battery brands.

 We provide full maintenance and inspections per the IEEE standards, which can be provided Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually and Annually. We also provide installation and product support.



IEEE Standards | NERC standards

Inspection of the battery on a regularly scheduled basis (at least once per month) should include a check and record of the following:

a) Float voltage measured at battery terminals
b) General appearance and cleanliness of the battery, the battery rack and/or battery cabinet, and the battery area
c) Charger output current and voltage
d) Electrolyte levels
e) Cracks in cells or leakage of electrolyte
f) Any evidence of corrosion at terminals, connectors, racks, or cabinets
g) Ambient temperature and ventilation
h) Voltage, specific gravity, and electrolyte temperature of pilot cell (if used)
i) Unintentional battery grounds

Load Testing

Load Testing is required as this technique is used to determine the capacity of the battery and to make sure that it is still at a usable level to maintain the specific current that is required during a power outage. We connect a load bank of appropriate size to the battery and draw the current for a specified amount of time based on the battery manufacturers standards. This is done on site.

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We can install your reserve power batteries regardless of who you purchase them from. We are trained to work with any manufacturer. If the customer has an old system, we take the old system out, we reinstall racks, coat floors with acid resistant coatings, install batteries, as well as set up the connections required as per the battery manufacturers recommended procedures for installations. This could also include early charge phones and still containment.


Lead-acid batteries are by far the most fully recycled of all consumer products. Recycling centers can recover more than 97 % of the lead and plastic in a lead-acid battery. Once those reclaimed materials reach a battery manufacturer, they can account for 60-80% of the lead and plastic in a “new” lead-acid battery.

Weldex will take care of all of your recycling needs. Just call us or email us and we will pick up your old spent batteries for recycling. We will provide complete documentation that they are recycled by an EPA approved smelter. Just fill out the form or contact us to take care all of your battery recycling needs.

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