Environmental Solutions


Weldex provides innovative solutions to meet our clients needs. We solve the most complex problems from spill containment to acid resistant floors. From a standard clean up kit to a specially designed product just for your company - Weldex can make it happen!

Over the years we have developed many original products just to meet containment specific needs. We also provide white label products that can be privately billed to your company. We are ready to assist with your unique challenge.

Battery Clean Up Kit

Battery clean up kit PPE and battery cleaning items PT # 2006.

Acid containment systems

Acid spill containment systems can be configured to fit under any size / brand of battery rack. Spill containment systems meet building codes and other requirements. Liners and absorbing / neutralizing pillows are FR rated and change color when acid comes in contact with the outer shell. PT# : part number is based on size of system using the prefix  WAC-XX-YY the X is width and Y is the length of the system.


Light weight easy to use formula absorbs and neutralizes Sulfuric acid. Product is packaged in several sizes to suit your needs, handy 2.5 gallon wide mouth jug, and 3,6, and 15 gallon packaging.

Part #’s: 853610-003 – 2.5 gallon jug, 853610-16 3 gallon, 53610-06 6 gallons, 853610-15 15 gallons

30 Gallon spill cleanup kit

Includes spill cleanup items and PPE for 2 people for sulfuric acid.  PT# 40-1420.

Battery Wash Neutralizer

Acid neutralizer only, recommended to use in battery wash stations. Does not contain detergents or acid indicators. PT# : 302-4QT – 302-5G  - 302-35G.

Battery Maintenance Kit #WSC-2007

Container, Long Brush, Battery Wash, Googles, Scraper, Sprayer, Battery Cleaner, Gloves, Hand Guard Brush, Dry Wipes, Aprons, Hydrometer, 113 Plyer

Battery wash with detergent

Cleans, neutralizes & indicates acid. Packaged in: 4 QT cases – 5 gallon pails & 35 gallon drums. PT# 301-4QT, 301-5G – 301-35G.


Heavy Duty Safety kit

Heavy duty PPE for repeat use, great for battery rooms and watering duties. Includes all items required by OSHA for battery work. Part #1450

15 Gallon Kit

15 gallon kit PPE & spill clean up items for sulfuric acid .PT # 40-1422.

6 Gallon Kit

6 gallon kit PPE & clean up items for sulfuric acid 
PT # 40-2000.

Heavy Duty Battery Cleaning Wipes

Quick and easy clean up of battery surface and small amounts of acid in both Motive Power and UPS style batteries. PT# 304-HDW Motive Power use cleans, neutralizes and detects acid. 304-SHDW UPS power use, does not contain any detergent or acid indicators.

Battery wash no Detergent

Uses detection & neutralization of acid. Packaged in 4 - QT cases, 5 gallon pail & 35 Gallon drum. PT# 300-4QT -300-5G – 300-35G.

PPE Storage

These racks keep required PPE easy to access. The large rack will also hold quart bottles of battery wash and a Hydrometer. PT# - 85881 – Large storage rack PT # - 85882 Small rack stores PPE only.

Absorbing / Neutralizing Pillows

Heavy outer shell resists tears & punctures, changes color when they come in contact with acid. UL recognized and flame retardant. Sock pillow can be separated to fit in small gaps when needed. PT# 40-140FR square style 40-1403FR Sock style

Spill Barrier Sock

Absorbing / Neutralizing sock used to stop spills from spreading or to protect drains from acid spills. Heavy outer layer resists tears and punctures. PT# 40-1402.