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Battery Tools

 Plastic Non-Breakable Hydrometer
 Plastic Non-Breakable Hydrometer  





Pressure Tester: To test cells for leaks – attach to vent well-add internal pressure by squeezing the bulb-the gauge will show cell pressure. Part number 83763  





CARBON ARC TORCH: Allows lead burning using the batteries own power-Easy cable replacement-Safer than a torch-Use with about 6 volts-Also shown special non copper coated electrodes for lead burning. Part number 10-335 





Cell puller to aid in removal and/or replacement of battery cells.
Part number 10-334 




The Weldex 113 plier is designed for the safe & easy removal of contacts from the SB or SBX connectors. The tool works on either 175 or 350 Simply place the thin blade over the spring & press while pulling the cable or contact.
Part number 113X-PLIER 


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